Saturday, 25 March 2017

Just a thought.
Has public opinion of our police ever been so low. They don't attend burglaries; you can walk into any shop in the UK and take what you want. Response time to ordinary 'crime' is non-existent. In fact I imagine most people think that the only time most of the idle fat bastards get out of their cars, is to go into KFC for a monster bucket.
Of course; do 32mph in a 30 zone and bam, you're fucked.
Where are the plod when the arsehole is wheelieing down your street as your kids cross the road?
Where is Plod when there is a gang of yobboes swearing and throwing stuff around outside your house ant midnight?
Where are the 'Boys in Blue' when some ratboy is forcing your door at two in the morning?
Wonder what Plod is doing when your Mam daren't go to the shop after 4 o'clock?
I'll tell you: they are sitting in their big (foreign built) cars; talking about who's wife they shagged last week and how they are going shooting on the estate that shot the Golden Eagles last week (fucking vermin those eagles...)
Plod is a laughingstock in modern Britain. As it says on the sign on the A17 - 'Speeding motorists caught this year 2,578' Sprayed underneath: 'Burglars caught NONE'.
It is an old chestnut, but these people need to get back into the communities they are supposed to protect.

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